About Roger Knowles Attorneys

Roger Knowles Attorneys is a boutique law firm, focusing on caring for people while helping them through difficult times


Our main focus is Family Law
This includes the following issues:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Custody and access
  • International divorce and parental cases
  • Child care
  • Adoption
  • Children’s rights
  • Married and unmarried parents
  • Eldercare law
  • Personal disputes
  • Wills and estates
  • Domestic violence
  • Maintenance

We also offer law services, for the following:

  • Criminal matters
  • Contracts
  • Neighbourly disputes
  • Defamation
  • Purchase and sale
  • Tenancy matters

We can represent you in any court

Our attorneys are admitted to appear in the High Courts, as well as the Magistrates Courts. We represent you via advocates, in the Appeal and Constitutional Courts. We no longer accept instructions in labour disputes.

We offer mediation

Either as mediators, or to represent you in mediation. We believe that, wherever possible, we should help our clients to limit their exposure to the animosity, delay and expense of litigation.


Our Team

Roger Knowles
Admitted 20 years ago to appear in the High Court with the rights of an advocate, Roger Knowles was the second attorney to do so in Durban and is one of the very few attorneys to appear regularly in the High Court. After initially dropping out of university, Roger worked briefly as an estate agent, then as an inspector/underwriter in the engineering insurance industry for a few years, but decided to return to law. He completed a BProc degree through UNISA and has been an attorney since 1979, taking time off occasionally to indulge in professional speaking. Always a peacemaker, Roger is a mediator, trained in both Commercial and Family mediation. He has mediated a wide range of disputes and anticipates that he will continue to do so, even after he 'retires'. He is keen on regular exercise, and goes to he gym and rides his mountain bike on the weekends now that he no longer surfs or catches fish. He has served on several boards – Child Line, two school boards, a local scouting body and has lectured at the Practical Law School.

Lara Gibb
Daughter of a well-known folk guitarist and singer, Lara is herself a self-taught musician (six instruments) and has had voice training, but studied law to have a ‘real career’. Her best subject was Family Law, so she is rapidly getting the hang of it in the real world, in Roger’s firm.

Shery-Ann Allers
Born in Sasolburg, Shery was educated in Durban. Following a range of jobs – notably, in the events industry – she joined Roger to run his speaking and training business but has been his legal secretary for almost 10 years. He describes her as “ . . . by far the best legal secretary I have ever worked with.” Roger has tried to persuade Shery, who often browses the law reports for interest, to study formally and practice as an attorney, but she declines. She is the single mother of two children.

Charlotte ('Charlie') Knowles
Roger’s wife of more than 43 years is British. Born in England, she was raised in Cornwall where her father was a solicitor for 50 years. Her mother was born to an English couple in Russia; their family had to flee the communist revolution and having been wealthy in Russia, started again in the United Kingdom. Charlie, the mother of two sons, has attended to administrative duties in Roger’s law practices for more than 20 years.

When you need personal legal help, call Roger Knowles Attorneys. We care.