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At Roger Knowles Attorneys your welfare is our main concern. Our busy boutique law firm in Durban North has been helping people resolve some of life’s toughest problems for the past 40 years by offering expert legal advice in the areas of divorce, parenting and other family relationship matters.


Our aim

To help people get through the tough times by approaching our work with sensitivity and professionalism. But make no mistake – we will fight like warriors if required.

Expert help

We have connections with many other professionals such as social workers, counsellors, psychologists, advocates, financial advisers, accountants and even removal companies – because family problems, especially divorce, involve a range of issues. And you need help from as many experts as your budget can manage.

About Roger Knowles

Roger Knowles, an experienced attorney who has been qualified since 1979, is the sole proprietor of the firm. After dealing in many fields of the law for some years, he settled on specialising in divorce and family law in the late 1980s. He was admitted to practice in the High Court with the rights of an advocate in 1996 – no other attorney has been appearing in the High Court in Durban for longer.

At your service

We use publications, video, talks and seminars to help you overcome challenges. Bookmark our blog page for the latest updates and sign up for our newsletter.

Mediation in Family Law, Neighbour & Commercial Disputes

Mediation is a positive method of dispute resolution, featuring a negotiation process that is guided by a neutral mediator. It saves time, money and important relationships. Roger Knowles is a peacemaker with many years of varied experience – as a mediator, he has been trained in both
Family Law mediation
and Commercial mediation and can mediate a wide variety of disputes.

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